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-Clean, remove and store your winter pole

-Inspection of chain and shackles including replacement of any worn materials

-Installation of mooring float (properly numbered), pendants and pickup buoy

-Notice of Service record to local Harbormaster's office



-Clean, remove and store your mooring float, pendants and pickup buoy

-Install your winter pole (allowing the mooring chain to sink over the winter)


Re-positioning of your mooring during the season need not occur if your block has not been lifted for inspection. Manchester Mooring Service does not lift your block out of the water just to look at a few feet of bottom chain and a shackle at the eyebolt. Even with DGPS/WAAS, it is impossible to put the block back in the exact same place! It takes years for a block to bury itself in many locations, and a buried block provides much more holding power. We inspect these blocks by SCUBA on a regular schedule.


Manchester Mooring provides sales, installations and annual service to residential docks, piers and gangways. Docks can be manufactured to your specifications including aluminum, wood and the new recycled fiber materials. Our service includes winter storage of docks and gangways.


We are the only local installer of Helix marine embedment anchors. Helix anchors are the most secure method of anchoring boats and docks...and they're environmentally friendly! They come in many sizes and are cost competitive. We have installed Helix anchors for Boston Harbor and local docks, many local boat moorings and in exposed anchorages capable of holding 130' steel fireworks barges.













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